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A highly adaptable solo performance as a team talk delivered to the audience

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An annual work review gone wrong - a two handed corporate nightmare drama.


WATSON: The Final Problem

Trailer HERE

Full length audio version HERE

Watson is alone. His beloved wife Mary and the great Sherlock Holmes are both gone. But London seethes with false reports and rumour.  It is time to set the record straight.

So Watson tells his tale... a tale of long buried secrets, betrayal and death. For there is a shadow in the gutters of London. A spider's web of poisonous intrigue lies across the city. Someone is playing a long game and Holmes and Watson face their greatest ever challenge. But as Watson unravels the story, is the game really over?


Based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 'Watson' is written with Bert Coules (BBC's The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Cadfael; Rebus) and performed by Tim Marriott (The Brittas Empire; Allo, Allo). Directed by Bert Coules with original music by Clive Whitburn.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Edinburgh Fringe 21 Reviews:

"Excellent one man show about Watson’s life with Holmes and the aftermath of his supposed death. Well considered and brilliantly acted."

"Utterly brilliant. A great story and wonderfully performed"

"5 Star Performance. Worthy addition to the interpretations"

"What a show! Even if you are not a Holmes fan, the performance was so beautifully nuanced... a deft balance of humanity and pathos carried us through the excitement of the narrative to the heartbreaking conclusion. Amazing. See this show while you can."

"Excellent one man show! Brilliant interpretation of the Holmes stories putting Watson front and centre. And it works splendidly. 5 STARS, MUST SEE"

"Utterly brilliant. A great story and wonderfully performed"

Suitable for GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE students, 'Watson' is inspired by two Sherlock Holmes adventures - The Sign of the Four and The Final Problem.

(Victorian Literature, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of the Four)


Trailer HERE - Testimonials/introduction HERE

Content: A stage adaptation of an authentic ex-soldier’s diary by Neil Blower.

Story: Following a long career in the military, ‘Tommy’ attempts to fit in to civvy life. Commenting on the absurdities of the everyday is at first humorous but spirals down into anxiety, stress and beyond. Ending on a positive note, the play is ultimately a redemptive drama offering hope to those touched by mental health issues.

Style: Solo show. Engages through comedy that then descends into drama... and out the other side.

Created with support from multiple mental health and military charities such as Help for Heroes, Combat Stress and Stand Tall for PTS as a stigma reduction project. Commissioned following a grant funding from the Chancellor’s LIBOR fund. Performed by comedy veteran Tim Marriott (BBCTV’s The Brittas Empire)

5* reviews at EdFringe17 and Adelaide Fringe 18



"Astonishing and astounding" Fringe Review - OUTSTANDING SHOW


All details at:



Trailer HERE

Content: The Auschwitz 'Angel of Death' meets the Angel of Death... A two handed psychological drama, set on the beach in Brazil where the notorious doctor drowned in 1979... 

Story: An elderly man is washed ashore and made to face his past by the mysterious woman that he assumes has saved him. She  flatters, provokes and cajoles him into attempting to justify the unjustifiable, ultimately only succeeding in condemning himself before she delivers a final cathartic denunciation.

Style: Naturalistic dialogue punctuated with historical projections to remind the audience of the context.

Themes: Making links between the rhetoric of the past and that of today, the play offers a warning from history of where buying into hatred and bigotry can lead to.

Inspired by the Philip Wharam novel ‘Right to Live’ and endorsed by the Amud Aish Holocaust Museum of New York.

5* star reviews and sell out audiences at EdFringe18, EdFringe19 and Adelaide Fringe 18.



"Important today as much as ever, and it is brilliant" The Advertiser *****


Smokescreen Prods was founded by Tim Marriott, returning to the stage after a 17 year career break in education. The company was set up to produce issue based theatre. A 'Sell-Out' season at Edinburgh Festival in 2017 resulted in an invitation to Adelaide Fringe, where MENGELE was once again a Sell-Out show, including four extra performances, and SHELL SHOCK was awarded Best Solo Show (Sunday Mail).  Further 'Sell-Out' festival seasons were achieved at Edinburgh 18 and 19,  winning multiple 5* reviews and two Lustrum Awards.

Smokescreen Prods work with Smokescreen Visuals to create a cinematic style of naturalistic thematic theatre set against high quality audio and visual effects to create atmosphere and to inform the action. The intention is to also to offer experienced guidance and collaboration in working with and facilitating young artists to help create impactful, thinking theatre to combine a background in education and the arts.  Tim Marriott is an associate producer at Printers Playhouse in Eastbourne, a creative hub promoting new work, theatre and music including live and online performances, workshops, classes and coaching.  Smokescreen have created each new piece of work at PPH and mounted first readings and performances including Mengele, Shell Shock, All Change, Waiting for Hamlet and Watson.

MENGELE and SHELL SHOCK have already proved to be successful touring productions. All shows are practically simple to stage, with broad audience and proven box office potential. The objective is to identify possible partnerships to facilitate further touring and residencies but also further opportunities for the scripts to be performed by other companies world-wide. 

SHELL SHOCK has also been professionally recorded in a four camera shoot at a live performance and subsequently shown at festivals in Australia and the USA, where over 3,400 people recently signed in to watch an online screening.  A link to the recording can be supplied on request.


Watson, Shell Shock, Mengele & Waiting for Hamlet are currently available.



Watson: 1 performer + 1 tech

Waiting for Hamlet: 2 performers +1 tech

Shell Shock, 1 performer +1 tech + PTSD counsellor

Mengele, 2 performers + 1 tech + counsellor


Watson: 85 mins with interval (or 60 mins 'festival' version) + post show workshop or Q&A

Waiting for Hamlet: 55 mins + post show workshop or Q&A 

Mengele: 65mins + post show workshop or Q&A 

Shell Shock:  1hr 35mins with interval (or 70 mins 'festival' version), + 'fire circle' talkback  led by a professional counsellor and anxiety specialist.


All  shows have grown out of the fringe environment so are not difficult to stage. A minimum performance space of 4M x 3M, basic lighting and  a sound system are all that is required. A facility to project is ideal but we travel our own equipment as necessary.

Link to full technical requirements HERE


EdFringe: Sold-Out 17, 18, 19 & 21, Lustrum Award 18 & 19, Scotsman 'Fringe Favourite' 21

Fringe Encore SoHo Playhouse New York, 18

Adelaide Fringe 18, 19, 20: Sold-Out, Sunday Mail Award, Best  Male Solo Show,

Amnesty International Certificate of Achievement, 18

INVICTUS GAMES tour of Australia Sept-Nov 18

Brighton Fringe 19, 20 Best New Play (Nominated)

Best Theatre Award (Jack's Ashes), Adelaide Fringe 23

#1 Best of the Best (Watson), CityMag, Adelaide 23


Link to reviews page HERE


Link to Education page HERE


M: 07773 777521

E: TM@smokescreenprodscom


FB: @smokescreenEB

Tw: @guv47

You Tube Channel: Tim Marriott Smokescreen


Jan 20, Mengele in Austria

Jan 20 Mengele and ShSk UK touring to Bridge House Theatre London, Chelmsford, Chatham

Feb 20 - Adelaide Festival Fringe, Australia.

March 20 - Tasmania, Australia (cancelled)

Nov 19 to April 20 - UK touring including Army Mental Health Roadshow 

May 20 - Florida, USA (postponed)

Brighton Fringe 20 (postponed)

June 20 - Wels, Austria (postponed)

June-July 20 - Bristol, Bath, Petworth (cancelled)

Aug 20 - Edinburgh Fringe (cancelled)

October - TBC  rescheduled Brighton Fringe

Jan 21 - Perth, WA (cancelled).

Feb -March  21 - Adelaide Fringe (postponed to '22)

March/April 21 - further Australia  touring (cancelled)

May 21 - Florida (cancelled)

June 21 - Brighton Fringe

July 21 - Ludlow Fringe

July 21 - Hastings Fringe

July 21 - Bristol Shakespeare Festival

July 21 - Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Arts Festival

Aug 21 - Goat, Manchester Shakespeare Festival

Aug 21 - Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Sept 21 - Petworth Fringe

Oct 21 - Hastings Festival

24/25 Feb 22 - WATSON & SHELL SHOCK - Playhouse2, Oldham

26 Feb - WATSON - Waterside Arts Sale - SOLD OUT

4/5 March - WATSON - Lichfield Garrick - SOLD OUT

31 March-9 April - WATSON - Chelsea Theatre, London
24 April - WATSON - Trinity Arts, Tunbridge Wells

10-15 May - WATSON - Assembly Festival, Coventry

8 June - WAITING FOR HAMLET - Sudbury

11 June - SHELL SHOCK - Chatham

22 June - SHELL SHOCK - Ludlow

30 June - WATSON - Swan, Worcester

6 July - WATSON - Old Woollen, Pudsey

3-28 Aug - WATSON - Edinburgh Festival Fringe

6-26 Aug - WAITING FOR HAMLET - Edinburgh Festival Fringe

9-10 Sept - WATSON - Chatham

11 Sept - WATSON - Halifax

17 Sept - WATSON - Stafford

29 Sept - SHELL SHOCK - Petworth

2 Oct - London Marathon for Combat Stress

10-11 Oct - KNOCK ON THE DOOR - work in progress reading - VSC, London

15 Oct - WATSON - Barton Under Needwood

18 Oct - WATSON - Alnwick

21-22 Oct - WATSON - Cambridge

3 Nov - WATSON - Wigan

12 Nov - WATSON - Teignmouth

24 Nov - JACK'S ASHES - Petworth

25 Nov - WATSON - West Bromwich

28-30 Nov - WATSON - Ealing, London

6 Dec - depart for AUSTRALIA tour


Jan/Feb/March - JACK'S ASHES - ACA/Cricket Australia Tour (inc. Bunbury, SCG, MCG, WACA, Gabba, ADL Oval)

24 Jan - WATSON -  Bunbury, WA - SOLD OUT

Feb/March - WATSON - Adelaide  Fringe Festival - SOLD OUT

6 April - WATSON - Theatre Clwyd - SOLD OUT

13 April - JACK'S ASHES - Ealing, Questors

20 April - JACK'S ASHES - Sudbury, Quay Theatre

21 April - WATSON - Bedford, Quarry

4 May - WATSON - Winchester, Theatre Royal

12 May - JACK'S ASHES - Tunbridge Wells, Trinity

16 May - WATSON - Bury St Edmunds, Theatre Royal

17 May - WATSON - Hornchurch, Queens

19 May - WATSON - Cranleigh Arts Centre

3 June - WATSON - Banbury, Mill Arts

7-14 July - WATSON - Cunard QM2, Transatlantic

22 July - WATSON - Sheffield, Playhouse

27 July - SHELL SHOCK - Rotherham, Civic

4-28 August - WATSON & APPRAISAL - Assembly Festival, Edinburgh Fringe

28  Sept - APPRAISAL - Petworth Fringe

29 Sept - WATSON - Barnes, London, OSO

6 Oct - JACK'S ASHES - Lichfield,  Garrick

19, 20, 21 Oct  - JACK'S ASHES - Live & Local, Rural Touring


Jan 15-22 - JACK'S ASHES - Cunard, Queen Elizabeth, Australia

Jan 25 - APPRAISAL - Bunbury Fringe, Western Australia

Jan 27-Feb 15 - JACK'S ASHES - Sydney & NSW touring

Feb 16-18 - JACK'S ASHES & WATSON - Coonawarra Fringe

Feb 19-March 18 - WATSON & APPRAISAL - Adelaide Fringe

March 16-April 13 - APPRAISAL - London, The Tabard Theatre

April 18-20 - JACK'S ASHES - Live & Local, Rural Touring

April 25 - JACK'S ASHES - Sale, Waterside Arts

April 26 - JACK'S ASHES - Bowness-on-Windermere (postponed)

May 1 -  JACK'S ASHES - Winchester Theatre Royal

May 2 -  APPRAISAL - Bedford, Quarry Theatre

May 3 - APPRAISAL - Bowness-on-Windermere, Old Library Theatre

May 16 - JACK'S ASHES - Bedford, Quarry Theatre

May 19-July 1 - WATSON & APPRAISAL - New York, 59E59 Theatres -  Brits Off Broadway

July 26-Aug 4 - WATSON & APPRAISAL - Cunard, QM2 - Transatlantic

4 Sept - WATSON - Barnstaple

5 Sept - JACK'S ASHES - Barnstaple

18 Sept  - WATSON - London, RAF Club

19 Sept - JACK'S ASHES - Petworth Fringe

21 Sept - WATSON - Bowness-on-Windermere, Old  Library Theatre

28-29 Sept - WATSON - Dumfries, Swallow  Theatre

2-19 Oct - JACK'S ASHES -  London, The Tabard Theatre

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