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 "There's nothing wrong with me - it's the others!"

After a long service career, Tommy Atkins returns to 'normal' life -

after all he's seen, civvy street will be a breeze, right?  


As Tommy trails around a crowded shopping mall, tackles an automated job centre interview and takes on a night out on the town, his observations on the absurdities of the everyday are “comic and convincing” (InDaily), "fabulously witty" (Clothesline) and "moving and insightful" (Broadway World)...  but as life conspires against him, nothing is safe from his  increasing outrage - Post Office queues to Ikea, computer games to ‘phone zombies, all feel the force of Tommy's frustration as his world closes in and crashes around him.

"Majestically drives the audience on a visionary trip to the painful world of an ex soldier affected by PTS. Exemplary. 5*."

Kryztoff RAW

Adapted from Neil Blower Watkin's acclaimed biographical novel, 'Shell Shock: The Play' is a stunningly performed, universally praised, award winning solo show created in association with military and mental health charities as a stigma reduction project. Using humour to open and normalise conversations about mental health, performances are followed by informal interactive feedback sessions where others are encouraged to share their own stories and, wherever appropriate, find professional help and advice.

Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins by Gulf War veteran Neil Watkin is adapted and performed by comedy veteran

Tim Marriott (BBC TV's The Brittas Empire, Allo Allo)

"Tim’s performance in Shell Shock was real and relatable. The play provides a palatable and hope-filled insight into suffering and isolation. Tim’s sensitive reading of the audience also added to the power of the production. Well worth seeing and a very important piece of work to support mental health."

Clinical Psychologist, Integra

Awards and ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  reviews:




"Superb... moving and insightful" - Broadway World

"Fabulously witty" - Clothesline

"Comic and convincing" - InDaily

"An astonishing piece of drama, which leaves the audience impassioned, enlightened and educated"  - Scene1+ 

"The writing is superb as is the acting" - Glasgow Living   

"Astonishing and astounding" Outstanding Show - Fringe Review  

"A clever adaptation and commanding performance... vivid and compassionate" - Fringe Guru

Full reviews HERE

What AUDIENCES say (


What a magnificent production and performance. If you have limited time at the Fringe, make this a priority. Well done for raising awareness of the damage that PTSD can bring to the families as well as the enlisted men.



Absolutely brilliant! Still resonating around on my head. By far the best thing I've seen at the Festival this week!! Many congratulations! I shall certainly look out for Tim Marriott in future.


If you like great theatre, an intense experience excellently acted THEN THIS IS FOR YOU. This is a timeless reminder of what active service can do.


Intense excellent performance. It made me reflect on my father's career in the military and brought tears to my eyes. Such a true story and well worth seeing. Thank you.


Mesmerising performance. The tale of an ex soldier trying to adapt to civilian life, but hampered by post traumatic stress. It’s been done before, but not nearly as well as here. The main character is believable and likeable, a man of simple tastes. Throughly recommended.


A beautifully written and wonderfully executed one man show giving an eye-opening insight of life after the army, touching on so many things that we naively take for granted. Tommy is very brave in sharing his story with us and Tim Marriott is absolutely incredible in portraying him. 
Very touched that he took the time to talk to us about the amazing work they do after every show, all over the world. 
A performance that everyone should see - army-related and not...


His time in the army is over but character Tommy has his own war to fight.  An honest, witty and captivating show that completely draws you in and leaves you feeling humbled by the familiarity of everyday 'normal' life. A powerful piece of writing beautifully executed. Hard hitting and eye opening Shell Shock is relatable on many levels and a must see.


Entertaining and powerful performance highlighting the difficulties, both actual and mental, experienced by a recently demobbed soldier, having spent 30 years serving queen and country. Tim Marriott’s portrayal of Tommy ranges through hope, joy, optimism, frustration, despair, fear, anger and peace. An utterly convincing performance. 


This is an excellent one man show, telling the story of one veteran’s experiences upon leaving the army. Based on a true story it is a heart-wrenching but also heart-warming tale that everybody should hear.  I heartily recommend everyone goes to this show.

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