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by Deborah Clair



'Trust the dreams for in them is hidden the gate to eternity'...Khalil Gibran


Best Beloved is the true story of Rudyard Kipling's near fatal visit to America in 1899. From the outset nothing goes smoothly as the whole family is struck down by illness. The most serious cases are that of Kipling and his first born, best beloved, Josephine.

Martha, a young stenographer, is called in to type notes on Kipling's fevered dreams. The action moves between the media chaos of the writer's hotel and from inside one of Kipling's hallucinations, as he imagines he's trapped inside a whale.


A tale of love and loss, inspired by the Just-So Stories and archived records of Kipling's dreams.

Best Beloved by Deborah Clair

an audio performance

Directed by Tim Marriott

Produced by Nicholas Collett

Martha Pitcher - Deborah Clair

Rudyard Kipling - Tim Marriott

Dr Conland - Daniel Bennett

Caroline Kipling - Lucy Dent

Frank Doubleday - Nicholas Collett

Josephine Kipling - Esme Bennett

Josephine Dunham - Niamh Bennett

Other parts played by members of the cast