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A two-handed drama that follows the process of an annual work review gone horribly wrong.
Jo, a senior manager, needs to appraise head of department Nicky's work.
Nicky just wants to keep working. What follows is a power-play of manipulation, subtext and subterfuge that explores explosive consequences arising out of a seemingly innocent conversation. 
Premiered at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 - 5* SELL OUT SHOW
'Absolutely excellent play to watch. So clever. Dramatic, comedic, and a sudden pratfall I wasn't expecting that was hilarious' ***** Edinburgh Review

"Very funny, with some wonderful linguistic thrusting and parrying' **** Scottish Field

"'The well measured tone and tempo of the dialogue meanders around a convoluted maze of twists and turns with humorous, dramatic punch' ***** Edinburgh Guide

'A classically structured two-hander that captures the unjustifiable, often unaccountable, behavoiur enabled by office hierarchies that wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else' **** The Scotsman

'A battle of wits, tight, well-paced and engrossing' ***** Reviews Hub

'A tense relatable thriller... genius' **** Bohemian Britain


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