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Smokescreen Productions was set up by producer, writer, director and performer Tim Marriott (click for showreel) with a mission to create contemporary issue based theatre, developing new work into professional performance in association with national and international charities.
Smokescreen seeks to create powerfully engaging drama, provoking conversations and encouraging audiences to consider issues from a different perspective, to change attitudes and create a lasting effect. We undertake meticulous research, working alongside charities and including residencies and site visits. We seek to raise awareness and illuminate issues, which some may find challenging or difficult, framed in a theatrical setting that aims to be richly entertaining.

A cinematic style of presentation with filmed sequences merged and overlapping with on stage live action and a vibrant audio score are intended to create an immediate, modern and gripping atmosphere. This is deliberately designed to draw in new audiences into dynamic, thought provoking drama with the highest possible production standards on limited budgets that has broad benefits in the outreach and engagement of topical aims and objectives of partner charities.
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