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All our shows are designed to be highly flexible and share technical specifications for ease of use.

We can play in any space given a basic lighting capability, and tour a laptop, back-up projector and sound system.

AV and lights may require a resident technician as well as our own.

A: Centre Spot Special (Steel Blue Lee 117 or similar)
B: Warm Wash (mixed colour)
C: Colour Chase for flashbacks - or Near Vertical Special (Red 106 or similar)
E: Cold Wash (mixed colour)

Ideally, but not essential:
F1: 1 Steel Blue Birdie or floor mounted minim (Steel Blue Lee 117 or open white) (separate channels)


AV/FX Qlab/Keynote cues provided on external hard​ ​drive and/or MacBook.

Projection (NOT required for WATSON) (VGA or HDMI connection - or we can use our own projector floor mounted.).


Amplification and speakers with fold-back. (This can be provided for smaller spaces - we carry a 100W 'boom box')

Script available on request or provided on the day - to be operated by in-house operator or travelling tech. 


The show requires only a bare, clean, open stage with clean black tabs. Cyclorama or pale backdrop for projection  - we carry a grey gauze if necessary (UK only) - NB: Projection is NOT required for WATSON
Space Required Min 4m wide x 3m deep - Max 7m x 5m (lit space). Suitable for any auditoria, performances have ranged from intimate, fringe style studio theatres (50 seats) to large scale outdoor auditoria seating up to 1000.

Clean black flooring, tabs & cyc or backdrop are required. If the floor is very scuffed, please repaint or lay dance floor.

Set up & Rehearsal Approximately 4 hours depending on the size of the space.

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